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  • KHB releases its new biochemical and immunological analysis system Polaris

    ? ? ? ? Having been deepening in the IVD field for 38 years, and practicing the development and production of IVD reagent products for 30+ years and IVD instrumental products for nearly 20 years, Kehua Bio-engineering (KHB) has recently launched Polaris - a biochemical and immunological analysis system with independent intellectual property rights - based on its accumulated strength.

    ? ? ? ?On August 30, 2019, the biochemical and immunological analysis system Polaris was officially released at KHB's exhibition space, Booth A109 in Suzhou International Expo Center, where the 15th National Laboratory Medicine Conference (NCLM 2019) was hosted by Chinese Medical Association (CMA).

    ? ? ? ? Professor Wang Chengbin, chairman of CMA Laboratory Medicine Branch and director of the Laboratory Center at Chinese PLA General Hospital, presented himself to offer his congratulations in person and took a group photo with other distinguished guests.

    Prof. Wang Chengbin is taking group photo with other distinguished guests on site


    ? ? ? ? The new product launch was started on time at 14:30. The new? biochemical and immunological analysis system Polaris being exhibited on the booth was particularly starring.

    The biochemical and immunological analysis system Polaris is being exhibited on the booth


    ? ? ? ? Mr. Ding Wei, KHB President, made an opening speech to start the launch event. Mr. Ding first thanked the distinguished guests, experts and peers for their presence. He stressed that independent innovation was what KHB had been always valuing the most in business development; and deemed the launch of Polaris a result of KHB's persistent pursuit after excellence and profound accumulation. He was convinced that Polaris was bound to meet varied medical laboratory needs of hospitals in China, contributing to the development of China's medical laboratory cause.

    KHB President Mr. Ding is making a speech


    ? ? ? ? Professor Wang Xuefeng, director of Medical Laboratory Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) School of Medicine, director of Laboratory Diagnosis Center, director of Laboratory Medicine and director of Clinical Transfusion Department at Ruijin Hospital affiliated to SJTU School of Medicine, delivered a speech. Professor Wang expressed congratulations to the launch of the biochemical and immunological analysis system Polaris and his expectation that KHB would develop more products to meet the growing demand for medical laboratory in China.

    Prof. Wang Xuefeng is making a speech


    ? ? ? ? Mr. Song Haibo, Vice President of National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management (NAHIEM), and President of NAHIEM Medical Laboratory Branch, gave a speech. Mr. Song said he had been always concerned about the development of KHB, for KHB was a long-established corporation in the IVD sector; from the ELISA "two half-and-half" 20+ years ago to later biochemical and molecular diagnostic products, and to the recent chemiluminescent products and now the biochemical and immunological analysis system, he believed that KHB, under the leadership of the new management team, would certainly forge ahead and grow healthily.

    Mr. Song Haibo is making a speech


    ? ? ? ? After that, Mr. Ding Wei, Mr. Song Haibo, Prof. Wang Xuefeng, and Prof. Wang Hualiang (Director, Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory), Prof. Cao Youdei (Director of Laboratory Medicine, Hunan Provincial People's Hospital), Prof. Duan Zhaohui (Laboratory Medicine Dept. of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University), and Ms. Wang Ying (VP of KHB), jointly initiated the product launch session.

    Guests are jointly initiating the new product launch session for Polaris


    ? ? ? ? After the release of the new product, Mr. Liu Xiaoyang, Marketing Manager of KHB, made a detailed introduction to the features and performance parameters of Polaris.

    ? ? ? ? The excellent properties, high cost performance and intelligent design of the new product sparked lively discussions among the audience, and attracted high attention from many experts and peers of the medical laboratory field.

    KHB's booth is being crowded by on-site visitors, with active and enthusiastic interactions